Beech Class


Beech class is a class of Year 9 and 10 pupils who are following a more formal curriculum and are starting to work towards Key Stage 4 accredited courses. Whilst we participate in formal lessons for core subjects (English, Maths and Science), we have also opted into a number of vocational and foundation subjects such as GCSE Art, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, ASDAN PSE, ASDAN Short courses (Expressive Arts, Gardening and Animal care), in addition to other subjects include Food Technology and Careers. The class also enjoys Thrive activities, including board games and darts and in PE, we enjoy a range of games, fitness and gymnastic activities.

Leanne Chapman

Class Teacher

Graham Campbell

Class Teaching Assistant

Alisa Slade

Class Teaching Assistant

 Term 1 & 2 Overviews


GCSE, Functional skills or Entry Level. 

Focus – speaking and listening.

Comprehension work. 


GCSE / Functional Skills or Entry Level. 

Focus: number and four operations. 


GCSE / Entry level

Focus: The human body

Food and Nutrition

Baking / sweet treats 

Meal planning

PSHERespect and empathy
Life Skills


Short courses 

D of E



Transitioning to a new class is a particularly significant change for children. We start transition planning this term,...

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DKA Anniversary

The architects that designed our school are celebrating their 30th anniversary and are featuring the Mendip School as one...

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks The eight benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support secondary schools...

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New medicines form

If you need to update a medicine form or wish to start a new one please complete this form or scan the QR code

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