Food and Nutrition

During these challenging times, we always try and meet the needs of our Mendip Pupils.
Here are Green Class having their practical Food and Nutrition lesson via Teams! 

Food and Nutrition class room prepped for a primary practical lesson, making mini fruit cakes.

Food and Nutrition class ready for a secondary group to work independently following a pictorial method of making.

Display has been created as part of the Post 16 group Asdan food wise course.  This piece of work is the first challenge that has been completed about identifying the importance of the food groups, fat, carbohydrates and protein as well as the functions and examples of foods in each group.  a great piece of work which is on display in the school.

Blues class made Toffee Apple Cookies.  The pupils mixed the ingredients themselves and followed the template of a circle drawn on the baking paper to help guide them when placing the mixture on the tray to cook.  The results were very professional as you can see in the picture.

The main learning objective in this lesson for aqua class was; I understand why I shouldn’t lick my fingers when preparing and cooking food.  So, what better way to test them than to make jam tarts!
I encourage all pupils to adapt the recipe if they wish.   We had some fantastic results and many pupils made their Jam tarts individual to them.  Different cutters were used from paw print, dog bone, fluted and plain round cutters.  There was a choice of shortcrust and puff pastry as well as two different flavours of jam to use.
We had fantastic results !