To ensure that all of our pupils develop an understanding of the ever changing world in which we live, develop the skills necessary to take an active role in their community, make informed choices and manage their life effectively. We explore, develop and celebrate Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. We will always value opinions and differences and discuss or challenge when required in a safe and secure learning environment. We embrace in which PSHE supports many of the principles of safeguarding and its close links to the school’s Safeguarding, SMSC and British Values Policies.

“PSHE education gives pupils the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work in modern Britain.”

PSHE Association 

This term for PSHE/RSE pupils in Primary have been learning about difference. We have explored homes which we live in, how we look and our personality traits. We have had fun playing copying games and making faces in shaving foam.

To view our PSHE/RSE frameworks please click below from our selection of frameworks:

The World I Live In

Self-Care, Support and Safety

Self Awareness

Managing Feelings

Healthy Lifestyles

Changing and Growing


The PSHE/RSE Curriculum at The Mendip School is broad and balanced for all pupils. We react daily to the needs of the pupils as well as teaching planned sessions/lessons weekly. This will also include weekly assemblies where pupils’ development is celebrated.

The curriculum is planned very carefully to make sure it meets the particular learning needs of all pupils, whatever their attainment and ability. Lessons address the statutory requirements from Relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education – GOV.UK (



The PSHE/RSE Curriculum at The Mendip School is completely personalised for all pupils and uses a range of approaches and teaching styles with lots of discussion, explanation, modelling, scaffolding and practice. PSHE/RSE has links with Science, ICT and Food and Health and key skills will be taught and developed across these curriculums. There are differentiated curriculums and the school adapts its approaches to the curriculum for pupils with different needs and in different school phases. The phases are:

Holistic Curriculum

Our holistic curriculum supports pupils to learn PSHE/RSE skills in an active way. Pupils will play games and have time to develop key interaction skills and develop friendships. The pupils will also be active members in the community by visiting shops, parks and cafes. This will also enable pupils do develop skills around personal safety. The pupils will develop independence skills by learning how to carry out household activities such as using a washing machine or making a cup of tea.

Formal Curriculum

Some pupils will follow a structured programme to learn about key skills within PSHE/RSE. There will be weekly PSHE/RSE lessons which will cover the key elements. Teaching will be progressive and build on previous skills or learning. Pupils in the Primary age group will learning about Relationships and pupils in the Secondary age group will have lessons on Relationships and Sex education. All lessons will be carefully planned based around the age and ability of the pupil. All pupils will also learn about staying safe, health and becoming active members of a community. Secondary pupils will have the opportunities to engage with work experience and will consider options once they have left school.

These are some of the ways we support PSHE/RSE

Emotion Coaching – Emotions are key in PSHE/RSE. We recognise and acknowledge all emotions as pupils need to learn that it is ok to feel these. We then support pupils to find ways of managing these emotions which will enable them to develop their sense of self-worth.

SCARF – This is a scheme which supports Primary pupils to develop the following – Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. Scarf follows the statutory requirements of the RSE Curriculum. The pupils learn key skills in fun and enagaing sessions.

SoSafe – A structured programme for secondary pupils to teach RSE. It is a visual representation based around PECS so all pupils can access and develop the key skills and information regarding Relationships and Sex Education. It teaches pupils about safety, developing bodies and the emotions linked to relationships.

PSHE Association – Provides support for teaching SEN pupils and enables us to build a framework which best delivers PSHE/RSE. There are well structured lessons and links to other agencies which can provide advice or information.

 Outside Agencies – We may have visits from organisations such as the NSPCC to embed any learning which has taken place or to provide themed days/weeks linked to PSHE/RSE.



  • Pupils of all abilities will develop the skills they need for adulthood.
  • Pupils will be respectful of themselves and others
  • Pupils will be able to make well informed choices
  • Pupils will lead happy and fulfilling lives
  • Pupils will be able to stay safe and understand the risks in an ever changing World