Willow Class

In Willow class, we have 11 children ranging from year 2 to year 4. We are a ready-to-learn cohort, we work hard on our phonics and math skills alongside lots of other curricular learning such as science, art, music, PSHE, PE and much more. We learn through a mixture of academic lessons and interactive thrive sessions using the school’s holistic approach to learning. We have social time, reward time and play in our continuous provision to work on our all-important social skills. We are working really hard in all areas of learning to gain independence and improve our knowledge and skills.


Mel Smith

Class Teacher

I am the class teacher in Willow class. I joined the Mendip School as a TA in February 2022. Then in January 2023, I started teaching full time and I love it!! In my spare time, I love reading and spending time with my family in the garden.”

Tia Mortley

Class Teaching Assistant

“I am a teaching assistant in Willow class, and joined the Mendip school in 2017 and absolutely love working here, every day is different and it’s extremely rewarding. In my spare time, I enjoy making new memories with family and friends and going on long dog walks.”

Katie Salkeld

Class Teaching Assistant

Philippa Brown

Class Teaching Assistant

Term 1 Overview

English – Fiction

Zog and the Flying Doctors – colourful semantics about characters. 


English – Non-Fiction  Lists – Shopping lists and menus.  

Numbers within 10. 


Place value 



Biology environment.

Identifying animals that live in specific habitats.

Identifying how animals are adapted to environments. 



Exploring our world – Seasons 

Music Charanga – Hands, feet and heart.  
PSHE  Me and My relationships 
PE  Send and return – ball skills 

Term 2 Overview
English – Fiction

Talk for writing – Winnie the Witch  

Retelling the story and rewriting the story creating a new character. 

English – Non-FictionDiary

Addition and Subtraction 

Shape – Time – Sequencing events.  



Taking photos 

ScienceUse of everyday materials. 
Humanities – Geography Exploring shape and colour in the natural environment.  
Food and Nutrition Baking
PSHEValuing difference 
PEFundamental movement skills 
DTMaking puppets 




Transitioning to a new class is a particularly significant change for children. We start transition planning this term,...

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DKA Anniversary

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks The eight benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support secondary schools...

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New medicines form

If you need to update a medicine form or wish to start a new one please complete this form or scan the QR code

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