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Staff and their careers

As part of National Careers Week, school staff were asked to display their Career pathway. It was really interesting looking at all the different jobs that staff had done before they joined the Mendip family and the skills that they have developed. This was a great way to give students insights to different jobs and careers and what skills are needed.











Meet Amazing Apprentices

Amazing Apprenticeships has produced a collection of short Apprentice Story films showcases the breadth and variety of apprenticeships, including Firefighting, Engineering, Broadcasting, Zookeeping and more.


Resources for our Parents and Carers

As a parent or carer, you want to be able to guide and advise your child towards the best opportunity for them. So, where do you start?

There are so many options available to your child when they leave school.  Depending upon their age will depend on the pathways open to them.

Post 16 students can join a sixth form, begin an apprenticeship, study T Levels at some colleges or develop their confidence through a traineeship

Post 18 students can also begin apprenticeships, join college, move into employment or even consider volunteering!

With such a range of opportunities now available it is important for teachers, parents and carers to develop our knowledge as being informed is the best way to build our confidence, and ultimately to support the next generation to make the best decision for them.

Amazing Apprenticeships has a dedicated Parent Zone, to help you to begin to explore these options.

Included in this area are the following excellent resources:

In addition to the above resources, this website has a fantastic series of Podcasts called the Parent Perspective to support you to support your child with careers advice and guidance.

Interested in hairdressing:
Incredible website called The Industry that has just launched a careers campaign called ‘Not Just A Hairdresser‘. 


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