Coral Class

Everyone from Coral class would like to send a warm welcome to you.

In Coral class we have 11 pupils ranging from year 7 to year 10. All pupils are given the opportunity to take part in a vast range of different subjects and this year are able to select their own options alongside other qualifications. Our key subjects are streamed so we spend very little time as a whole class but thoroughly enjoy our time together when given the opportunity in registration, snack, reading, vocabulary, life skills, food tech and reward time. Preparation for adulthood and providing our pupils with the skills to be independent plays an important part in day to day life in Coral Class. We have an environment where mistakes are not to be feared but seen as an opportunity to learn something new. We love working hard throughout the term to earn our end of term trips as a whole class.
During this academic year we have been lucky to work with a great group of adults who have all had an amazing impact on the group as a whole. Since September the team has consisted of myself, Jenny, Talia, Kieran, Holly, Serena and Sam. All the team have a number of different skills that have ensured a fantastic experience for all learners in Coral class. 
Our class team are:


Martin Lenihan

Class Teacher


Jenny Dalimore

Teaching Assistant 


Serena Golden

Teaching Assistant




Term 1:

Term 1 has been an amazing start to the academic year for everyone in Coral class. The pupils have had to overcome a number of challenges and quickly adapt to a lot of new ways of doing things in KS4. The children have all adapted to a new learning environment, team and streamed learning exceptionally well considering this is something completely new to every single pupil in Coral class. A lot of friendships both old and new were able to blossom after pupils being reunited after previous years or meeting people for the very first time. We started to focus on work around British Values, where we fit into them and what they mean to us.

Term 2:

Term 2 I have really seen the characters and personality of the pupils growing as they are starting to become more confident in new setting with new peers, adults and approaches to learning. The respect and manners displayed on the whole has been amazing which is something that is important for all pupils and adults in class. After a class discussion it was evident that being trusted, feeling safe and respected was high on the priority list for our pupils. This term we have witnessed a lot of amazing work across all subjects and a successful trip to Strode College to visit the film festival. The term ended on a massive high with the children earning their end of term reward trip to Vue Cinema Longwell Green to watch Spiderman: No Way Home on the morning of the film’s UK release date. The pupils conducted themselves incredibly displaying fantastic social skills, manners, public safety and gratitude to their adults. Ellis Dixon was the winner of our PE award for Term 1, with Lola Wade and Toby Young picking up our class awards.

Term 3:

Term 3 has started really positively after a well-earned Christmas break for all adults and pupils. Considering the time away from learning the pupils have settled back into their day to day routines really well and made a great start towards their qualifications for the coming year. Upon our return we have been able to catch up with friends and share positive memories from our time away from school to celebrate Christmas.

Coral Class Staff Team:







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