Our Rewards and Trips

We take part in all sorts of trips, it’s a big part of our school life whether it’s a daily welly walk, access to the community or an end of term trip, we make sure our pupils  access to the outside world in a safe and supported way.  

Here you will find details of up and coming trips, copies of local risk assessments and our reward systems.


The Governors support the policy that, within the resources available, education should be free and to that end will use available funds to the full.

Parents may be requested to make a nominal voluntary contribution towards certain activities, but no child has been excluded from any activity through failure to make such a contribution and it is anticipated that this will continue to be so in the future.

Parents are asked to pay board and lodging on residential trips.

Traditionally, parents have been pleased to support our various activities and we do appreciate your help in fund-raising for the school.

The school will pay any fees incurred when pupils enter examinations