A message from our HERS lead

Welcome to the BANES’ Hospital Education and Reintegration Service (HERS) website.  

We are a member of The Partnership Trust under The Mendip School. Our head teacher is Natalie Hanna and our main point of contact at The Mendip School is Emma Cooper. 

Natalie Hanna
Emma Cooper
Deputy Headteacher
Sarah Dunsford
HERS Manager

We are a temporary service for pupils aged 4 to 16 for students who have health and medical needs and cannot access learning opportunities at their own school.

Our HERS staff are focused on supporting pupils and families to achieve the best possible education and reintegration outcomes.  We work with a range of other professionals, including a medical professional, to ensure the needs of each child can be correctly identified and we can support each individual academically and socially, and prepare them for reintegration.

There is a positive atmosphere in which children can fulfil their potential and grow in self-confidence and develop the resilience and perseverance to overcome individual challenges alongside a clear understanding that our learners are unwell and so a bespoke and medically-guided programme is required. We are proud of the pupils and staff who aim to cultivate and environment where students feel well enough and safe to learn. Students are taught in a range of ways, guided by medical advice, such small groups, off site locations, in homes, in other safe locations, online and by teachers supporting and guiding independent work.in conjunction with the child’s home school curriculum and external exam requirements where applicable. All students are dual-registered with us to maintain effective links with the home school with regards to curriculum, SEND, exam entries, reintegration work and pastoral support. We aim to provide a high quality, relevant and balanced education for all our pupils based on medical needs. Our main focus is on academic and core subjects balanced with sessions to help improve social isolation, friendships, a therapeutic approach as part of a wider holistic curriculum.

We are incredibly proud of our service and we hope our website provides you with a greater understanding of what life is like for pupils, families and staff across the county of Bath & North East Somerset (BANES). Students must reside in BANES to be able to have a referral to HERS considered. This referral is coordinated through the home school and with supporting and appropriate medical evidence.

If you would like more information, please contact us by using this link 

Further information can also be sought from the Alternative Provision team at BANES.

Many thanks,

Sarah Dunsford

HERS Service Lead