World Autism Awareness Week

On the 29th March the world celebrates together for World Autism Awareness Week.

Below we have posted inspiring quotes, videos and pictures from our pupils and will leave them here for others to see, read and feel inspired by.

A fantastic video from Immie about how it feels to be a young person with Autism.


Amazing Things Happen 

Our wonderful Vicky in the office has very kindly and bravely made a little video for us about her experiences of having autism. I think its amazing and want to thank Vicky for being so honest and brave.

Some quotes from Pink class Pupils

We are all special and unique.  Philippa
We think outside of the box.  Theo W.
Sometimes life gets hard but if you keep trying you will succeed.  Theo A
It is great to be different.  It would be boring if we were all the same. Jack
There is no normal. Theo A
James and Freya also made a presentation about Autism. It can be found below.

Red class pictures