The Hospital Education and Reintegration Service (HERS) offers teaching and support/advice to children and young people who cannot attend school because of health medical needs.

This includes the following groups:

  • Children and young people in the Children’s Ward of the Bath Royal United Hospital

  • Children and young people who require repeated admissions to the Bath Royal United Hospital

  • Children and young people recovering at home for 15 or more school/academy days

  • Children and young people reintegrating back into school/academy as and when their health needs allow


Teaching is carried out by a team of qualified specialist subject teachers. The teachers based at the Bath Royal United Hospital provide bedside teaching, individual or group teaching in the School Room on the Children’s Ward.

Teachers also provide on-site learning, 1:1 or on-line teaching for those children and young people unable to return to school/academy because of health needs.

Teaching staff always work closely with medical staff, parents/carers, schools/academies and other support agencies to make sure that children and young people receive a broad and balanced curriculum in line with their peer group.

Children and young people of all abilities are taught including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

For referral information and guidance please refer to the BANES website