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Term 1 Overview

English – fiction  Using colourful semantics to form sentences and practice correct grammar e.g the use of capital letters, spacing, full stops and how to make it make sense. We are also going to have a handwriting focus to secure the basics before we move on to story writing next term.  
English – non-fiction  Letter writing – writing a letter home to share what we have achieved in our first term in Oak class.  
Numeracy  Place value, representing numbers in different ways and addition  
IT – interactive technology  Connecting computers – how to devices connect? We are going to learn how to input information, what the process is and how it forms an output  
Science – Biology  Animals and their habitats, food chains and environmental factors that are affecting the survival of animals  
Humanities – History Anglo Saxons and the Vikings!  



We will be using Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a starting point. Students will explore and experiment with a range of materials and techniques including oil pastels, clay and mono-printing. Embedded into each lesson students will also be invited to experiment with various mark-making techniques.   
Food and Nutrition   Locally sourced food! A taste test of common British food and then a week by week lesson on how to cook each food.  
PSHE  ‘Me and my relationships’ – understanding how others are feeling and how my behaviour can affect others  
Careers  The children will be looking at ‘Grow throughout life’. They will be learning and reflecting on themselves and their strengths.  We will also be spending time looking at different careers like teaching, police and vet and what they need to have to do their jobs. 
PE  Specialist PE lessons from Inspired Playground employee.  


Term 2 Overview

English – fiction  

Our Story this term is The Something-O-Saur. We are going to look at how the author describes each character without giving the animal name away. We are then going to have a go at writing our own character descriptions using this technique.  

English – non-fiction   Labelling and Non-Chronological Reports – choosing an animal from our character descriptions to find out true facts and record these using features of a report.  

Addition and Subtraction 

Shape and Space 

IT – interactive technology  Digital Photography – how to take the perfect photo.  
Science Materials and their properties – what makes wood, wood?  
Humanities – Geography  Our Local Environment – maps and atlases.  
Food and Nutrition   Seasonal vegetables! We will be making vegetable pizzas, pastries and rostis! As well as some festive baking closer to Christmas!  
PSHE  Family and Friends – Continuing on from last term, we will now look further afield and learn about other people’s relationships and what these can look like.  
Careers  The children will be looking at ‘Grow throughout life’. They will be learning and reflecting on themselves and their strengthsWe will also be spending time looking at Space/Astronauts. 
PE  Specialist PE lessons from Inspired Playground employee. 
Design and Technology Bridges! We will design a bridge for our English Story Character to cross after looking at what makes a good bridge. We will then have a go at making them and evaluating our own.  


Transitioning to a new class is a particularly significant change for children. We start transition planning this term,...

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