Maple Class

Maple Class

Maple class are made up of pupils from years 7, 8 and 9. From day to day we put focus on building positive relationships, working as a team, being respectful, working hard and always giving our all. The class work hard on learning, developing and applying skills they are learning that will support them in future education, employment and general day to day living. Maple are a ready to learn group and pupils are consistently engaging in whole class, small groups and 1:1 learning to support their progression academically. We place a big emphasis on creating a positive environment that can be supportive to ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to achieve and the pupils showing that they can be respectful of each others needs and difference to support this.
We are organising train trips to encourage use of travel and boost the pupil’s confidence & experience around these situations that they may come across in life away from school. These are taking place termly and it is clear the impact it has had on our learners. All we do as a class team is based around helping our learners achieve and give themselves the best chance to enjoy themselves and develop as people through these experiences across all areas.

Martin Lenihan

Class Teacher

Lucy Martin

Class Teaching Assistant

Amy Sloman

Class Teaching Assistant


– Sentence based work

– Colourful Semantics

– Assess writing levels 

A focus on vocabulary and explicitly teaching the role of grammar in our writing.

MathsPlace Value, BIDMAS and how we apply this using the four operations. 
IT – Health and SafetyHow to stay physically healthy when using IT and how we remain safe online.
Science –  Biology (Environment)Food Chains, Webs and Pyramids.
HumanitiesThe Atlantic Slave Trade.
Life SkillsTravel, time and money.
Food and NutritionFish in different ways.
RSE/PSE Managing feelings, relationships and anti-bullying.
PETeam Sports.



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