Our Values and Ethos

The Mendip School is committed to supporting students to enable them to lead safe, happy and independent lives, wherever possible.

Towards these ends our school:

  • Creates a personalised and enjoyable learning experience for each student
  • Values the diversity of pupil and student learning and outcomes
  • Strives to ensure pupils and students achieve high academic and social standards
  • Encourages creativity and enterprise
  • Embraces new technology and innovation
  • Works in partnership with other agencies and organisations.

Our Vision

The Mendip School’s vision and values were coproduced with pupils, staff and families.  We decided that, above all else, we want our young people to:

·         Feel safe in school and in the community

·         Be learning and developing skills that can support them in adulthood

·         Recognise ways in which they can be happy with themselves and into their future

·         Live as independently as they are able to

Our Values

Everything we do in school is to prepare each individual young person to have the best future they possibly can.  For some this is about academic qualifications, for some this is about self-regulation, for some this is about life skills.  To enable this we value:

·         That every pupil feels positive about school

·         That all people in the school treat each other with respect

·         That we are all able to be honest and trust each other


Here are the results from our most recent parents and families Vision and Values questionnaire –  Results