Walnut Class

In Walnut class, we have 11 children who are ranging from year 5 to year 7. We learn through a mixture of academic lessons and interactive thrive sessions using the school’s holistic approach to learning. We are working really hard in all areas of learning to gain independence and improve our knowledge and skills.  We always start our day with a phonics and then a walk around the Golden Mile. Every day we also enjoy snack time, listening to our class book and our Walnut wind down time at the end of the day.

Our Staff

Jake Godfrey

Class Teacher

Jake has been at The Mendip School Since 2017. He has taught across all key stages and currently oversees the Ansford provision. Jake is a keen cyclist and loves the outdoors.



Elly Wadsworth

Teaching Assistant

Elly has been working at The Mendip School for three years.

Autumn Term 2 – Learning Overview

English – fiction 

Talk4Writing – The lighthouse keepers lunch

We are re-writing the story with our own characters

English – non-fiction 

Writing a letter


Money (coins, adding totals, counting in coins)

Multiplication (repeated addition and arrays)


Producing digital music

Copyright infringement

Science –Chemistry

Materials and their characteristics

Humanities – 


The Night Sky

2D – Mark making/Drawing/Colour theory/Composition/pastel

Food and Nutrition  

Winter fruit and veg


Me and my relationships 


Football and dodgeball



Transitioning to a new class is a particularly significant change for children. We start transition planning this term,...

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DKA Anniversary

The architects that designed our school are celebrating their 30th anniversary and are featuring the Mendip School as one...

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Gatsby Benchmarks The eight benchmarks are a framework for good career guidance developed to support secondary schools...

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New medicines form

If you need to update a medicine form or wish to start a new one please complete this form or scan the QR code

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