Wild Cherry Class

Wild Cherry are a mix of primary students and one secondary student, we are a learning to learn class with lots of elements of a ready to learn curriculum. We focus on showing tolerance, patience and understanding of our peers, adults and school environment. We are highly motivated by earning ticks which turn into stars which we collect throughout the day, each star then counts towards 5 minutes of reward time at the end of the day. This system works really positively in the classroom and encourages positive behaviour throughout.

Gemma Harder

Class Teacher

I am Gemma Harder, the Wild Cherry class teacher and I have worked at The Mendip School for over a year now. I have taught mainly in SEN schools with a placement in mainstream during my training year. I enjoy sewing in my own time, spending time with friends and family and being outdoors in nature.

Term 1 Overview

English – FictionColour Semantics
Non – FictionLetter Writing
MathsPlace Value to 100
HistoryViking and Anglo Saxons
REIslamic Rites of Passage
ScienceBiology Habitats and environment factors
ITInternet Safety
MusicSinging and Performing
Food Tech

Locally sourced food

Low air miles

PSEMe and my relationships

Term 2 Overview

English – FictionTalk 4 Writing Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful by Jane Ralphs
Non – FictionChronological report
MathsAddition and Subtraction and Money
GeographyLocal environment
ITCollage and digital image
MusicListening and appraising
PESensory Circuits
Food TechWinter fruit and vegetables.
PSEValuing difference


Transitioning to a new class is a particularly significant change for children. We start transition planning this term,...

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Gatsby Benchmarks

Gatsby Benchmarks

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New medicines form

If you need to update a medicine form or wish to start a new one please complete this form or scan the QR code

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