Work Experience


To complement their time in the class, Post 16 students are also required to embark on a structured program of work Experience.

Work experience is a compulsory and important part of the Post 16 week for many reasons. Regular attendance helps students gain the soft skills employers are looking for, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, motivation and time management. It also affords students the opportunity to get first-hand experience of working in a number of vocational sectors and helps them decide if any of the roles are somewhere they see themselves working in the future.

With so much competition for entry-level jobs and apprenticeships, we think it is important for our students to stand out from the crowd. Very few school or college leavers will have the same level or variety of experience as those leaving The Mendip School’s Post 16, meaning our students are already one-step ahead of the game.

We are currently able to provide the following work experience placements:

  • The Greenfield Café
  • Mendip/Fosseway School Primary Class Support
  • Bath & North East Somerset Railway (renovation and ground maintenance)
  • School Kitchen
  • Bath & West Show Ground.
  • Mendip School Site team
  • First Steps Nursery (coming soon)

In addition to our current offer, students and parents are encouraged to source their own work placements. Once approved they can become a regular fixture.