Our Head Teacher’s Highlights





Welcome to the weekly highlights page. Natalie Hanna, our headteacher will choose a weekly highlight to share with you. It may be a piece or work, a photo or just a story of the week but what ever it is, it will be sure to raise a smile.

Week commencing 17.05.21 

Learning to ride a bike looks like this….

IMG_3295 (2)

Week Commencing 19.04.21

Please see the news article about the team completing the Marathon Walk in aid of the new swimming pool at The Mendip School! They walked 26.2 miles along the cycle path from Oldland Common to Bath to Frome.

We gave ourselves a £500 target to raise and already we are just over £1,000 which is amazing and I know there is more to be donated!

Week Commencing 22.03.21

One of students, featured last week, won a prize for his Humanities presentation!

Well Done!

Week commencing 15.03.21 


The world has a new bike rider! Well done, see the videos below, there’s even a mini crash!

Video 1 Video 2


Charlie Taylor Humanitarian Award

This was made by one of our Ansford students to nominate Charlie Taylor for a humanitarian award.

Please have a read, this student has come a long way academically and this piece of work we are very proud of.