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Meet the staff  


Leanne Chapman



Nicola Mason 

Teaching Assistant

I started working at the Mendip school as a part time TA in November 2021 and have worked in both secondary and primary. I love helping the children with their learning and every day is different and also very rewarding. 

I have 2 amazing children who I am so proud of, a cockapoo called Henry and a ten-year-old pet pig called Wiggins! In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and cycling. I also love going on hot and sunny holidays!! 



Anne Forsey  

Teaching Assistant

I have worked as a teacher in primary schools for 23 years and as a teaching assistant for three. I have also worked in Care Homes for five years working with people living with dementia.  I am a Mum to 3 boys. I have 2 cats, a dog and tropical fish. I love reading and living in the countryside. 

Spring term 5 – Learning overview

Subject GCSE Pathway  Entry Level Pathway 

Y11 – Exam preparation skills 

Y9/10 – Poetry: imagery, form and other features. 

Non-fiction focus: genre, audience and purpose of texts. 

Analysing the writer’s use of language and structure to achieve effects. 

Component 1 – Holidays 

Speaking & Listening presentation, reading comprehension and writing letters. 

ICT  Branching and Flat File databases – searching, sorting, asking questions and producing graphs

Science Practical  

Chemistry – melting points 

Biology – energy storage in food   

 Art – GCSE  


Personal and Social Effectiveness 




Duke of Edinburgh –  


Gardening – Maintaining and developing an area within the school grounds. Building practical skills and using small garden tools. Developing planting knowledge. 


Hospitality –  


Animal Care – Shepton Vet visit with Q&A session, writing up what we found out. Planning for pet shop visit – comparing online prices to pet shops, planning what to buy for specific animals’ care needs.  

Food Technology 

ASDAN Food Wise  

Module 2 – Basic food Hygiene 

Practical – Religious festivals 


Health & Well Being 

Growth Mindset 

Interpersonal Skills  

Managing anxiety and Stress 

Vaccinations, organ and blood donation  

Life Skills  

ASDAN Living Independently – Module 8 Career management 

Preparing CV’s 

Completing application forms for colleges and jobs 

Employer visits and practise interviews 



Autumn Term 1 (September 2022) 

We have had a very busy halt term getting to know each other ad developing positive relationships with both peers and staff. We have enjoyed developing our new routines and look forward to daily maths and English skills activities which support our learning in these subjects. We have enjoyed getting to know our different subject teachers and transition between our new classes. We also spent time exploring different option groups before making our choices to complete over the coming year.  

To support the development of life skills we follow a life skills curriculum on a Friday. WE enjoy exploring our onsite flat to develop skills which will support independent living n the future including housework, cleanliness and staying safe in the home. This runs alongside our ASDAN course Independent Living covering topics such as; Spending and Earning Money, keeping track of your Money, Making Financial Choices, Health and Wellbeing and Preparing for the World of work.  

Autumn Term 2 (November 2022) 

We are looking forward to continuing to develop our skills in our core subjects as well as following our holistic curriculum to develop our emotional and social skills.  

Our topic in Food technology is American Favourites this term and will see pupils cooking both sweet and savoury classics form American pancakes to Buffalo Chicken and Ranch Slaw. Alongside this we will continue to complete our ASDAN Foodwise course looking at healthy eating and safety in the kitchen.  

We are looking forward to visiting a variety of colleges over the term to gain a deeper understanding of options and op[opportunities available to us as part of our Post16 choices.  

We are also working towards our end of term trip, Ice skating at Clarkes Village.  



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