Life Skills

Life skills 

Skills for Life

For Post 16 students, the reality of having to leave full-time education for adulthood is a not too distant proposition. This can be a worrying and stressful time for all.

To help prepare our students for this transition, a sizable portion of their week is allocated to helping them access the skills and resources deemed necessary by the Preparation for Adulthood Agenda (PfA).

The PfA states that everyone should have equal life chances as they move into adulthood and in doing so identifies four main areas of development:

  • Employment
  • Friends Relationships & Community
  • Good Health
  • Independent Living


Meeting the objectives

Participation in the schools So Safe program, PHSE lessons and guest speakers all contribute towards a good and healthy life style, while pastoral time, access to clubs, sporting activities and enterprise initiatives provide      opportunities for students to develop relationships and become involved in the wider community. Similarly, work experience and employability qualifications contribute to the employment objectives too.

One to one interactions with support staff also ensure that students who are currently able, can access public transport and develop the skills necessary to travel independently.

Skills for Life Training Centre (SLTC)

The Skills for Life training Centre is a resource that we use to develop independent living skills. It includes a careers library, simulated lounge, bedroom and kitchen area.

Post 16 students accessing the SLTC will also have the  opportunity to learn how to wash and iron their own clothes, make beds and keep their living environments clean.

In addition, the inclusion of simulated fuse boxes, gas/electric meters and water stop taps, mean we are able to use the area to recreate a range of everyday household emergency, to further develop our students independence.