The Mendip School offers a broad and balanced curriculum aimed at creating an educational experience that prepares pupils for adult life. The curriculum offer also conforms to national government expectations and is structured to provide opportunities to succeed.

Our pupils represent a very wide range of abilities and in response the curriculum provides a number of pathways that lead to a variety of post school destinations.

A strong emphasis upon a vocational approach to our curriculum creates opportunities for our pupils to develop those skills which will be important to them in adult life. For some pupils this may mean a focus upon independence skills whilst for others academic qualifications provide the key to access post-16 Further Education courses.

You can find out more about our curriculum and subjects by emailing the staff member directly or contacting the office with your enquiry

Curriculum review 2019

The Mendip School are committed to providing a current and personalised curriculum for all of our pupils. As part of this we conducted a curriculum review between March 2019 and October 2019.

Local stakeholders such as local authority colleagues, local community representatives, governors and parents were invited into school to meet to discuss our curriculum. Staff and pupils were also consulted.

Summaries of those meetings are available Curriculum Review

Here is our action plan for our curriculum

Curriculum Action Plan