On Tuesday 9th May, Matt and Jodi from Loudmouth education and training came to visit pupils from 2MG, 3NH and 4IC.  Matt and Jodi worked with the children exploring topics such as puberty, friendships and safe relationships.


During the performances all children watched and listened really well, and were able to show what they had understood in the breakout sessions that followed.  Both Matt and Jodi commented on how well behaved and confident all of the children were.


Loudmouth are a theatre in education company that use drama and discussion to help children and young people address issues affecting them in a safe and interactive environment.  If you would like to find out more about the work they do, you can visit their website here.  A link to the young peoples pages providing support and advice can also be found here.


Thank you to everyone involved today.  A great day had by all and a lot of learning taking place!!