TMS Does Science Week!

From the 18th to the 22nd June, The Mendip School celebrated science with a week of learning dedicated to the subject.

We started off with a trip to We The Curious, where pupils were able to interact with all of the museum pieces, including augmented reality, a weather station, bubble creating and farm to food stands.











For the rest of the week, pupils took part in science practical activities such as:

  • field walks / bug spotting
  • chromatography
  • physical and chemical changes
  • slime making
  • using paper aeroplanes to study speed, distance and time.

There was also an opportunity to use virtual reality to look at how science can be taught in virtual environments, with pupils putting together skeletons in an anatomy lesson!
















Aqua Class Show off Their Learning!

Aqua class have been really busy over the last few weeks.  They have been learning about…

  • Shadows
  • Number pairs
  • The Senses

They even had time for a lovely welly walk.  Just have a look at some of the things they got up to! 

2CG go to Bristol Zoo.

As part of their Into The Woods project, members of class 2CG went to Bristol Zoo today to learn about all different kinds of creatures from around the world.

They learnt about many animals, some living and some extinct.  What animals can you see???










4IC go to @Bristol

As a reward for all of their hard work this half term, 4IC were given the opportunity to go to the @Bristol Science Museum today.

Whilst at the museum pupils learnt about the human body, the environment, forces and engineering.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day and behaviour was exemplary.  The class were a real credit to the school.


Well done guys!

3TL – A trip to Stony Lane Stables

On Friday 24th March, members of 3TL went to Stony Lane Stables to visit the newly born lambs.  Whilst they were there, they also saw some horses, ponies and chickens.  Some pupils were even brave enough to handle the animals!!

IMG_20170324_103055740 IMG_20170324_103104767 IMG_20170324_103047836


Well done to everyone who got involved, and a special thankyou to Annabelle Taylor’s family who allowed this to happen.


4IC – Science Assessments.

This week, pupils in 4IC have been completing their science assessments.  They have been learning about the reactions of metals and acids and how this creates Hydrogen gas.  Pupils have also been learning about the test for Hydrogen (the squeaky pop!).



In order to complete the assessment, all pupils had to:

  • Predict what they thought would happen when metals reacted with acids
  • Plan a practical to prove their prediction
  • Collect suitable equipment
  • Carry out the practical in small groups
  • Collect results and create averages
  • Explain what they had learnt and discuss if their prediction was correct.




All pupils worked extremely hard on this work, myself, Jodie and Philippa were very proud of them and how well they worked together.


Well done 4IC!