Duke of Edinburgh – A Review from the Pupils

On Thursday, 28th June, pupils from 4IC took part in their D of E practice expedition.  All pupils thoroughly enjoyed this experience as it proved to be a fantastic vocational activity for them.  Below are accounts written by the pupils.


Shona Stein.

On Thursday 28th June, some of class 4IC went on a D of E expedition. We walked from school to Green Archers Campsite. It was 8 and a half miles to get there.

On the first mile, Jack spotted a shortcut. The funniest part was when we met a problem. Uh-oh. There was a stream. Some people were brave enough to jump over it but I got a piggy back from Martin. I was so scared i’d fall in. Martin got wet feet! Eventually we arrived at the campsite. We helped each other put up tents.  The best bit was the BBQ. We cooked sausages and marshmallows. They were scrumptious! For tea we had ration packs and they were as delicious as the hotdogs.  At night time I hung around with the boys for a bit then got ready to snuggle up into my cosy bed.  The hardest part has to be when I had to walk through a field of Cows in order to get back to school. This was hard for me as I have a phobia of Cows but I done it! It felt amazing to be back at school. I felt so happy i’d completed the challenge! We finished of a last day at school eating our delicious Fish and Chips, well deserved.


Seth Roberts.

My favourite part was the scenery, yes it was bit cloudy but it was still great.

The hardest part for me were stinging nettles.

I learnt not to go on long works with headaches.

I wish I could have finished the walk. I was looking forward to spending the night in a tent, I love camping.


Joshua Gutteridge.

On Thursday at 10:30, we finally packed our bags and we started our walk.  Only seven pupils and three staff members went.  The pupils were Josh, Seth, Tom, Jack, Harry, Shona and Riley. The staff members were Martin, Serena and James.

We stopped at the church in Pilton to take a break and we were past halfway there, after our break was finished, we set off back to our objective and before we knew it we was there. The manager gave us a spot for us to camp and James gave us the stuff to make a tent.



4IC Duke of Edinburgh – Fishing

A big thank you to Martin, Charlie and Steve from Fishwish who have been working with our Duke of Edinburgh group for the last 6 weeks. The students have had a fantastic time and learnt many new skills along the way. We finished our sessions with an all day trip to Higher Farm Fisheries in Shepton Montague where we caught lots of fish in the sun and enjoyed a barbecue!!



Loudmouth come to The Mendip School.

On Tuesday 9th May, Matt and Jodi from Loudmouth education and training came to visit pupils from 2MG, 3NH and 4IC.  Matt and Jodi worked with the children exploring topics such as puberty, friendships and safe relationships.


During the performances all children watched and listened really well, and were able to show what they had understood in the breakout sessions that followed.  Both Matt and Jodi commented on how well behaved and confident all of the children were.


Loudmouth are a theatre in education company that use drama and discussion to help children and young people address issues affecting them in a safe and interactive environment.  If you would like to find out more about the work they do, you can visit their website here.  A link to the young peoples pages providing support and advice can also be found here.


Thank you to everyone involved today.  A great day had by all and a lot of learning taking place!!

4IC go Fishing

On Friday 28th April the Duke of Edinburgh group went fishing at Shepton Montague. The students had their own expert coaches from ‘Fishing 4 Schools’ and everyone managed to catch some fish including Carp, Rudd, Dace and Gudgeon! A fantastic afternoon and big thanks to Martin, Charlie, Steve and Jake.






4IC go to @Bristol

As a reward for all of their hard work this half term, 4IC were given the opportunity to go to the @Bristol Science Museum today.

Whilst at the museum pupils learnt about the human body, the environment, forces and engineering.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day and behaviour was exemplary.  The class were a real credit to the school.


Well done guys!

4IC – Science Assessments.

This week, pupils in 4IC have been completing their science assessments.  They have been learning about the reactions of metals and acids and how this creates Hydrogen gas.  Pupils have also been learning about the test for Hydrogen (the squeaky pop!).



In order to complete the assessment, all pupils had to:

  • Predict what they thought would happen when metals reacted with acids
  • Plan a practical to prove their prediction
  • Collect suitable equipment
  • Carry out the practical in small groups
  • Collect results and create averages
  • Explain what they had learnt and discuss if their prediction was correct.




All pupils worked extremely hard on this work, myself, Jodie and Philippa were very proud of them and how well they worked together.


Well done 4IC!