Music Therapy

We all respond to music, to rhythm and melody. Music therapy builds on this and uses creative music-making to support emotional, cognitive and social development, especially in pupils with a social and communication disorder and those on the autism spectrum.

A 2004 study from the Journal of Music Therapy found that music therapy used with children and teens with ASD can:
  • improve social behaviours
  • increase focus and attention,
  • increase communication
  • reduce anxiety
  • improve body awareness and coordination.


In music therapy at The Mendip School, some pupils have shown considerable musical talent and are becoming more self confident as they develop their skills.  Others have benfitted from being able to express strong emotions through the music, often resulting in a reduction of levels of anxiety or anger.  Other children have increased their level of communication, benefitting from the fact that music is a non-verbal language.  Aside from all these benefits, the young people just enjoy playing the instruments in the specially designated music room, and have fun!