Post 16 provision at The Mendip School currently consists of a small number of pupils educated on the Fosse Way site.  As our school grows and our bigger year groups move through the school we will be able to provide peer groups and a well-developed curriculum.  The model that we will provide is based on a supportive educational structure that works well in Fosse Way school.

On completion of year 11 learners have a number of options open to them. Some learners choose to leave school at this stage to continue their studies at colleges of further education. Many opt to enter the sixth form where they are able to continue their studies until the completion of the academic year in which they reach nineteen years of age. The sixth form provides Programmes of Study (PoS) devised to prepare each learner for the next stage in his or her life, whether it be entering employment, following a course at FE college or moving into supported living within a community placement.

The curriculum comprises a mixture of life skills, work skills, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) as well as Functional Skills qualifications in Maths, English.

Each student’s personalised programme is constructed from the options below which are reviewed on a regular basis:

  • A blend of QCF approved qualifications.
  • Functional Skills Numeracy
  • Functional Skills Literacy
  • The option to retake GCSE qualifications in English or Maths, depending on the grade achieved.
  • Extended work experience
  • Independence skills training such as travel
  • Residential experiences: each learner has the opportunity to develop a plan for and engage with a stay away from home as part of a residential trip.